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Are you looking to Sell Gold to a Pawnbroker? Searching for ‘Gold Coin Buyers Near me” in Sydney? We Have the Best Prices in Town!

Pawn gold coins, sovereign and bullion, get a loan or sell gold coins to Sydney Finance Pawnbroker for the best prices in town. If you are looking for ‘gold coin buyers near me’ or are wondering where to ‘sell gold coins near me’ – and you are in Sydney, drop-in or contact us for an expert appraisal and on the spot cash or loans. Sell gold to pawnbrokers who are experts in coin collecting, buying and valuations.

Experienced Gold Coin Buyers in Sydney

Some gold coin buyers and pawnbrokers will ask you about the coin’s history and how rare it is. If they don’t know, take your coins for a second opinion. Contact an experienced buyer who will not only pay you for its weight in gold but will pay you based on its rarity, age, special features, finish and condition.

Read on to learn more about what gold sovereigns are and coin collecting.

What is Gold Sovereign? (Gold Coin Selling and Buying 101)

Gold sovereign coins come from mints (here in Australia and overseas). These are often commemorative coins for special years, royal anniversaries and so on. As such, each gold sovereign tells a story.

When we assess your gold sovereign, we’ll consider:

• Weight of coin (and thus weight of gold).
• The year it was minted.
• Mint marking.
• The finish (bullion, brilliant uncirculated or proof)(*1).
• How many were made?
• Minting errors.

Generally speaking, the lower the quality of the finish, the higher the number of coins were made. Bullion coins have a slightly lower quality finish (compared to brilliant uncirculated or proof). This is purposeful as it allows mints to produce a higher number of these coins.

As you move up through the quality of finishes, you’ll find the amount of these coins made will be less. A rare minted proof coin in good condition would be expected to fetch a much higher price than it’s equivalent in bullion.

To learn more about the coins in your collections, contact Sydney Finance Pawnbroker. Our contact details are found at the top of this page and by clicking here.

Sydney Finance Pawnbroker – Pawn shop near me, Pawnbrokers near me, Gold buyer Sydney, Pawn Rolex Watches,

(Numismatics) Coin Collecting is an Age-Old Hobby

Since the first gold coin was produced around the 5th century BCE(*2), people have been collecting coins – some from general circulation and uncirculated coins. Coin collecting is popular among hobbyists and is also used as an investment strategy(*3).

Why is gold coin collecting an attractive investment? Gold coin collecting is popular because gold holds its value and is one of the world’s oldest currencies. Uncirculated coins commemorate special events, landmarks, artwork, anniversaries, flora, fauna and people(*4-5).

Circulated Coins

Even some circulated coins are worth more than their face value. Coin collectors and buyers are often looking for rare and unique coins – and will pay top dollar for them. Sometimes these unique coins are the result of errors at the mint. For example, in 1966, the Australian 20c coin was produced with an italicised/curved ‘2’. As a result, these 20c coins are now fetching hundreds of dollars(*6).

How Does a Sydney Finance Pawnbroker Test Gold?

There is a wide range of techniques for testing gold to ensure the gold is authentic and to assess its quality. One of the methods we use at Sydney Finance Pawnbroker is a gold analyser machine. Our machines are regularly serviced and calibrated, and they can be used to test all gold you bring to us, including jewellery.

Where to Sell Your Gold Coins

In the heart of Sydney’s CBD, visit Sydney Finance Pawnbroker located in ‘Level 10, 20 Martin Place’, a specialist in gold and gold coin buying. The expert team can give you information and an on-the-spot valuation for your coin collection. You can also use your coins as collateral for an instant loan with us.

We also buy jewellery! Learn more about our jewellery buying here.

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If you do not have an ID with a photo, please bring two pieces of identification (i.e. birth certificate, Centrelink card, Medicare card, marriage certificate, citizenship certificate).

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