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Most Trusted Collateral Pawnbroker Loans (and the Best Gold Loans) in Sydney

Did you just search for ‘pawn loans near me’ or ‘gold loans near me’? You are in the right place. When you need an injection of cash quickly, or your credit score is making it difficult to get a loan, we can help!

Sydney Finance Pawnbroker can help you with simple short-term solutions. Anything we would buy from you for cash; you can use to secure our pawn shop loans. Pawn shop loans provide you with the opportunity to buy back the item you have pawned rather than selling it outright. Read on to find out if collateral pawnbroker loans are for you.

We are located right in the heart of the Sydney CBD in the Level 26, 44 Market Street (2 min walk from Queen Victoria Building) Drop by between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday or phone us on 02 9089 8753. More contact details are on our ‘contact us’ page.

Collateral (Secured) Pawnbroker Loans

Many people who need a quick turn-around that is safe and secure, come to us for our collateral loans. We are Sydney’s leader in pawnbroker loans and work with our clients to help them decide on the best solution for them.

Why are people turning to Sydney Finance Pawnbroker for collateral loans?

Sydney Finance Pawnbroker:

• Is licenced (licence number 2PS23688).
• Upholds confidentiality and protects your privacy.
• Offers premium valuations.
• Has affordable rates.
• Is trustworthy and honest.
• Processes and approves collateral loans quickly.

What is the Loan Process? (Three Simple Steps)

1. Securing a pawn loan using gold, jewellery, diamonds, or watches (or other accepted items).

Visit Sydney Finance Pawnbroker in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. When you head to our Sydney store, take your asset/s with you. We will do a quick appraisal of them and explain the loan terms. If you agree, we will process your proof of ownership and identification, provide you with the loan terms, and a pawn ticket, then give you the cash loan straight away.

Our pawn shop loans are convenient, reliable, and secure.

2. During the loan period.

At any time during the loan agreement (usually three months)(*1), you can return to our store, pay back the loan and any interest or fees and take back your item/s.

3. What happens at the end of the loan period?

If you have paid back the loan and collected your item/s, nothing else needs to be done. If you haven’t paid back the loan, you should contact us immediately to negotiate an extension on your agreement(*1). Loans that are not extended or paid back are kept by the pawnbroker and sold to recoup the investment that was given to you(*2).

What do Pawn Shops Want?

Do you have a shed full of un-used belongings that you want to turn into cash? As you go through your items, keep aside anything made of gold, well-made, genuine jewellery and watches and high-end items(*3). Sydney Finance Pawnbroker pays good money and offers higher value collateral loans on quality items.

Experience and Specialisation in High-End Items

With years of experience in valuing and buying luxury goods, including jewellery, gold, and Swiss watches, we can appraise and offer you the highest possible value for a collateral loan. Sydney Finance Pawnbroker is one of the only pawn shops in Sydney with experience in high-end items – some don’t even accept these items.

Private Consultations

Our passionate and dedicated team are on-hand to help you when a quick cash loan is what you need. As your privacy and comfort are important to us, we can arrange private consultations for significant investments.

Come into Sydney Finance Pawnbroker and experience our exceptional customer service and high-value collateral loans.

Whether you are cleaning out the attic or need cash to help you out of a tight spot, our team look forward to welcoming you.


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