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Pawn Shop Watches – We Specialise in Buying, Rolex, Audemars Piguet & Patek Philippe Watches.

We are Sydney’s leading pawn shop buyer of luxury watches, including Rolex. Instant loans are available for Rolex watches, that come in the original box with warranty card. Contact your trusted advisor at Sydney Finance pawnbrokers to sell or organise an instant loan. Our team can value and authenticate your watch as we are trusted advisors in Rolex and designer watches. Ensure you have the original box, serial number, and authentication documents as these provide more value and the only way we will accept these valuable items. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Rolex watches without the original box and warranty card.

Upgrading or Need Cash Quickly? Contact our Pawnbrokers to Pawn or Sell Your Watches

Pawn Rolex watches with Sydney Finance. Upscale, designer watches are practical timepieces AND they make a statement. Having been around since 1571(*1), wrist watches are one of the most classic accessories a person can wear. So, when it’s time to upgrade or if you need cash instantly, our professional team can buy your watch or give you a loan on the spot. Our team can value and authenticate your watches with box and warranty documents, as we are trusted advisors in Rolex and designer watches.

How Much do Pawn Shops Pay for Watches?

This depends on a few points:

1. The experience of the second-hand dealer in valuing and buying luxury watches.
2. The brand of the watch.
3. The condition, age, and features.
4. If you have the original box and authentication papers.

Let’s have a look at these four points in more detail:

1. The experience of the second-hand dealer in valuing and buying luxury watches is essential. The more technical knowledge and expertise the pawnbroker has, the more accurately they will value your watch. We specialise in old and new Swiss and luxury watches so we will always give you a true valuation and the maximum amount possible. Only if the watch comes with the original box and warranty documents.

2. The most sought-after brands include Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Audemars Piguet, and Richard Mille. Did you know that Rolex watches increase in value over time?

3. Condition and age go hand-in-hand. The older the watch, the more leniency there is for the condition. Features are also important. Does your watch have diamonds or gemstones inlaid? Does it have a calendar, date, or time zone feature?

4. The original box and papers guarantee the authenticity of the watch. Due to so many replicas flooding the market, we only buy and pawn on luxury watches with the original box and documents.

Do You Have a Watch Collecting Dust at Home?

Why not sell your watch to upgrade to one that is more your style now or spend the cash on something else you need?

Sydney Finance Pawnbrokers have been the leading company in Sydney for buying second-hand watches for years. Our team has expertise in jewellery appraising, gemology, watch authentication, and gold quality.

Our professional team will give you the best possible offer for your watch – or use your watch to secure a loan and buy back the watch later if you still require it.

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A Note on Replica Watches

Every year, thousands of replica ‘fake’ watches are seized at borders around the world(*2). Some still make it through. As a result, pawnshops such as Sydney Finance Pawnbroker require you to provide proof of authenticity and the original box the watch came in. It is illegal for Australians to buy and sell counterfeit goods, including replica watches(*3). We support the trade of genuine products – and will pay fairly for those that are genuine.

Rolex Watches

Since the company’s founding in 1908, Rolex has held a worldwide reputation for producing the highest quality watches(*4). Unlike many of Rolex’s competitors, Rolex designs and manufactures the inner mechanisms of the watches in-house. The highest quality materials are sourced, and Rolex’s expertly trained watchmakers maintain quality control.

From design to testing in extreme conditions (under-water, at high altitudes, etc.), Rolex continues to innovate and produce high-quality, luxury watches(*4). Furthermore, each piece that goes into the watches is tested in Rolex’s stress rooms to ensure they will withstand the test of time(*5). Each watch includes 100s of pieces – all of which have been manufactured with exceptional detail(*5).

“Rolex watches are not only certified as chronometers by the independent Swiss COSC Chronometer Testing Institute but also passed the second Rolex test to win the Superlative Chronometer title.”

When you buy a Rolex watch, you are purchasing a piece that has had 1000s of hours devoted to:

  • The design of interior mechanisms.
  • Aesthetic design and what materials and gems are used.
  • Testing of designs for practical use.
  • Stress testing and environmental testing of all elements of the watch (internal and external).

Rolex trained watchmakers to complete the process of watchmaking in-house through their special finishing and polishing techniques(*5).

Come into Sydney Finance Pawnbroker for watch appraisals, valuations, and offers. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, whether it be selling or getting a loan on your watch.


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