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Are you searching for one of the Best ‘Jewellery Pawnbrokers Near Me’ in the Sydney CBD to Help You?

Visit Sydney Finance Pawnbroker to Pawn Necklaces, Rings and More. Our pawn shop is located in the heart of the city in the heritage, Trust Building.

Sydney Finance Pawnbroker – located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, is one of Sydney’s most trusted and experienced jewellery pawnbrokers. You are paid in cash for your quality jewellery (not cheque).

To provide our customers with the highest quality range of luxury goods, we pay top dollar for gold and Cartier jewellery. We are known among gold buyers, and we will beat all genuine offers for gold – as well as gold scraps, watches, necklaces, rings, chains and earrings. You may also wish to consider our collateral loan services. Our loans provide exceptional value for money using your luxury items as collateral.

Are you searching for, “where are good jewellery pawn shops near me?” we can help as we are located in the heart of the city.

The Jewellery Pawn Shop Buying Process

When you come into our office, we will do an on-the-spot evaluation of your jewellery which involves testing and a full assessment. If you accept, you will provide photo identification, sign a form and be given the cash for the jewellery immediately. Sydney Finance Pawnbrokers abide by all fair trade laws and are fully licenced. Our licence number is 2PS23688.

Sydney Finance Pawnbroker – Pawn shop near me, Pawnbrokers near me, Gold buyer Sydney, Pawn Rolex Watches,

What Jewellery do we Assess?

Sydney Finance Pawnbroker will assess all your jewellery. We handle a wide variety of jewellery types which include:

• Rings including engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings
• Necklaces, chains and pendants
• Bracelets
• Earrings
• Brooches
• Anklets
• Cuff links

If you are not sure if something you own holds value, bring it along for an assessment. The on-the-spot-evaluation is obligation free.

Items that attract a higher value include solid gold (as opposed to gold plated) and Cartier jewellery.

Why is Cartier Jewellery so Valuable?

The Cartier jewellery business was established in France in 1847(*1). Over the decades (and centuries), it has continued to craft quality jewellery by expert craftsman. Cartier only uses the most exquisite materials. While many of Cartier’s competitors moved manufacturing overseas, Cartier kept employing Swiss artisans to craft their beautiful collections(*2). Using modern technology, innovation and ancient jewellery making techniques, Cartier’s value continues to rise. Cartier has been worn by the most glamourous, noble and royal men and women around the world(*3).

Sydney Finance Pawnbroker – Pawn shop near me, Pawnbrokers near me, Gold buyer Sydney, Pawn Rolex Watches,

Jewellery Material

What the item is made from is a key part in appraising its value – so finding out what the jewellery is made from can help. There are a few simple things you can look for:

• Hallmarks – these can tell you the metal content and sometimes the maker, year it was made and where it was made. Fine jewellery made in the last 100 years should have this unless it has worn off.
• Weight – jewellery made from gold tends to be heavier than cheaper metals.
• Signs of discolouration – even gold jewellery that is well worn shouldn’t discolour or fade if made from gold.

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• How much could I get if I sell my luxury watch?
• Where can I get an instant cash loan?
• Is there a trusted, high-quality pawnbroker in Sydney?
• Who will give me a loan for my necklace, ring or watch?
• Where is Sydney’s best high-end watch buyer?

No matter what you may be asking yourself, Sydney Finance Pawnbroker is open and ready to help with valuations, cash payments and collateral loans.

Confidential, Private and Free Appraisals

We are professionals with a long-standing reputation of providing confidential, private and free appraisals for our clients’ items.

Our team of highly qualified jewellery assessors, watch experts and authenticators are highly trained in high-end jewellery valuations.

Offers for jewellery are made on the spot and paid within minutes. Cash collateral loans for your jewellery are provided immediately — no need to go to the bank.

Why do Some Pieces of Gold Jewellery Attract Higher Prices?

Not all gold jewellery is made the same, nor with the same amount of gold. As expert jewellery pawnbrokers, we test and assess gold jewellery based on the number of carats and the weight of the piece.

Do You Have Gold Plated or Solid Gold Jewellery?

Some jewellery is gold plated (has a very thin layer of gold coating the surface). Other jewellery may be solid gold. It takes training, a keen eye and years of experience to be able to assess if a piece is of high quality.

This is why we offer such good prices. We know if something is valuable and we will pay a respectable amount if it is.

Identification Requirement

For a seamless process, when you come to Sydney Finance Pawnbroker for either a collateral jewellery loan or to sell your high-end luxury items, please bring identification with you. The following list provides the different types of ID we accept.

Please provide ONE of the following:

• Passport
• Drivers Licence
• Statutory authority ID which includes your name and photograph e.g. firearms licence, tertiary education card

If you do not have any of the above forms of identification, please provide TWO of the following:

• Birth certificate or birth certificate extract
• Australian citizenship certificate
• Marriage certificate
• Cards issued by the Commonwealth such as pension concession or veterans affairs.

Call us today on 02 8216 0740 / 04 9242 8888, to visit your trusted advisor, to assist you with assessing and valuing your gold jewellery. Visit us at Level 10, 20 Martin Placet in Sydney between 10.00am and 4.00pm.

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