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We Buy Gold Bars in Sydney and Give You Cash Loans for Gold.

Have you been looking for gold buyers online in Sydney? Sydney Finance Pawnbroker gold buying services offer the best prices and professional analysis of your gold in Sydney. We buy gold bars and also provide cash loans for gold. Have you been looking for gold buyers online in Sydney? Contact us for expert advice, appraisals, and loans.

  • Experts at testing authenticity and quality of gold.
  • Latest technology and accurately calibrated testing equipment.
  • High-tech gold testing.
  • Top market prices for selling your gold bullion and gold jewellery.
  • Get a cash loan with low interest for gold.
  • Private and confidential sales and loans.
  • Will beat all reasonable offers.

Welcome, we are a long-standing and highly trusted business with years of expertise and experience in the industry.

Whether you are looking to sell high-end jewellery such as Cartier, your Rolex watch, diamonds, or gold, we offer the best prices and the most trusted service to all of our customers.

Gold Buying

Gold bars are a solid investment choice(*1-3) as it is one of the few items on the market to hold and increase its value. When it comes time to sell your gold, contact us for the best prices in Sydney.

We buy gold bars and bullion, gold coins, gold jewellery and gold pieces for the best prices and we offer secured cash loans for gold. For complete transparency, we provide on-the-spot services which include testing and weighing gold in front of you. We also consider rarity, hallmarking, and the condition of gold jewellery.

Sydney Finance Pawnbroker – Pawn shop near me, Pawnbrokers near me, Gold buyer Sydney, Pawn Rolex Watches,

Scrap Gold Buying

Do you have odd earrings, broken necklaces, or bracelets sitting in your jewellery box that you won’t wear again? Bring in your oddities and bits and pieces – no matter their condition and take home cash today.

Gold Buying Prices

As gold varies in carats, brands, hallmarking, and much more, our buying rates also vary to ensure you are paid what the item is worth. We pay the best market prices for gold.

If you want to know exactly how much we will buy your gold for, come into our secured office in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and have your gold assessed. You will be given a quote for the gold immediately or have a loan secured on the spot.

Cash Loan for Gold

If you need a cash loan, you can use your gold as collateral. We will hold your gold securely and when you are ready, you can buy back your gold. This method is sometimes used by people who have a family heirloom or sentimental piece they don’t want to sell but need immediate cash.

How Secured Loans Work (in Three Easy Steps)

1. Visit our experts in the heart of the Sydney CBD.
2. We’ll do an appraisal on your gold and provide you with the loan terms.
3. When you are ready, you can buy back your gold plus interest.

More on our loan process can be found here.

Sydney Finance Pawnbroker prides itself on exceptional service to all customers. We uphold the NSW Fair Trade laws. When you come to sell you gold or set up a loan, all you need to bring is photo identification and, if applicable, any paperwork certifying the authenticity of your items.

Photo Identification

One piece of photo identification, such as your driver’s licence is all you need. If you don’t have photo identification, we accept two forms of identification such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, and Australian citizenship certificate.

We are required by law to request identification.

Turn your gold into cash quickly and easily at Sydney Finance Pawnbroker. We look forward to doing business with you.


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